About me

Welcome to my website -MBJ Studio Matan Bochner's Jewels.

My name is Matan Bochner - a jewelry deisgner and a silversmith, with many years of experience in graphic design, industrial and commercial design and copyrighting. I live in Bat Hefer in the "Hefer Valley" in Israel and there where I create and turn dreams into jewelry.

On the website you will be impressed by a wide variety of handmade jewelry made with love and passion and in complete accordance with the customer's request and dreams.

I make the jewelry from a variety of materials such as, silver, bronze, brass, copper, gold, white gold and rose gold and almost every piece of jewelry I design can be obtained in any type of metal and everything according to the customer's requirement.

Beyond the handmade jewelry that I create, I also make 3D models and cast them for real jewelry in 925 silver, gold and bronze.

You are welcome to be impressed and enjoy my extensive collection and I invite you to contact me and order your dream jewelry or for anyone you would like to pamper.